“I find out a lot about myself by sleeping. Dreams, they are who I am when I’m too tired to be me.”




I want to learn you as if you were a profound excerpt in a literary masterpiece. Word to word — word for word; letter to punctuation, I want to know yourintonation, to insinuate myself into the construct of your syntax;immerse myself into thedepths of your India ink.
And oh those white veins that runneth diverse — I’d memorise them as my own — these that run then down my arm.
Let me in…let me into the heart of your story.



They say life isn’t what it seems. To learn you must fall. To win you must lose. I gave everything for you. I swore I wouldn’t lose you &I tried so hard to neglect this love so many times. If in the end my tears were the weakness. If in the end I loved you far too much, like me , no other. Illusions, nothing more. How easy it is to dream.

Last Night.

I loved how he unexpectedly showed up at my doorstep. I love the little things he does for me. Despite the fact that we weren’t together he came to see me. When I’m alone with him, everything feels so right. I love sharing my thoughts with him. It’s so easy to open myself to him. Then I realized that I need him in my life. He makes me feel beautiful in every way. He has become one of my bestfriends. I can’t promise anything but that I will try to keep us& this love alive.

Tu sonrisa es mi sol


Que no quede huella en mi piel de sus dedos…